HEAL by Nathan

HEAL was created by Reiki Master, Thai Massage Specialist, Intuitive Mentor, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Massage Therapy Alumnus & DePaul University Psychology Graduate, Nathan Ziccarelli.

Today, Nathan’s mission is to offer a hodgepodge of healing modalities to assist his clients in their quest to live a pain free life full of hope and purpose. He supports his clients by channeling intuitive guidance to those seeking clarity around certain circumstances in their life through oracle card readings. Reiki is used to reinvigorate and reawaken a true sense of self, to bring calm and healing to mind, body, and spirit. Thai & Shiatsu Massage are provided to clients who require deep release of stored physical and or emotional blockages. He is here for his clients who present varying circumstances such as unresolved trauma, addiction, psychological challenges, & physical pain. Some clients simply want to become and or remain open channels of intuition along their own path’s as healers, entrepreneurs, and members of their family and surrounding community.

Around the beginning of 2013 Nathan found himself in what he describes felt like a hopeless roadblock. He was battling depression, anxiety, drug addiction and alcoholism as well as other behaviors creating distractions from what he now knows was always his true calling. He has been sober since but that was just the beginning. After sobering, Nathan continued to battle with depression, identity crisis, sordid relationships, and constantly felt an overwhelming sense of fear and physical chronic pain. Nathan was prescribed a plethora of psychiatric medication over the years, tried moving to other countries, changing career paths, as well as other attempts to fix the disconnection he felt within. Just like using drugs and alcohol to try to create a bandage he found none of these things were the answer. Today, Nathan lives with a solution that works for him. Without the obstacles he overcame through deep and effective spiritual work he knows he would never have discovered his ability and true passion to serve as a conduit to help others awaken their inherent power to heal from within.

Nathan is fully prepared to channel the unique healing you are being called to so you may gain the physical relief, emotional clarity, peace and ease around whatever situation is presenting itself to you and or your loved ones. Come and allow the energetic shift that takes place during these healing sessions to lead you to true alignment with your unique self.