Reiki Energy Healing, Thai Massage, & Intuitive Readings

Truly prepare for a trans-formative session designed to bring you into a deep trance like state of relaxation and grounding of mind, body, and spirit. 90 minute sessions begin with an intuitive oracle card reading while the room's energy is cleared by burning palo santo to enhance your healing session. Oracle cards are drawn to help Nathan connect to his and the receiver's spirit guides to decipher the message that awaits you and in which direction to focus the energy healing. While the receiver is fully clothed, Reiki is intuitively infused along the 7 major chakra systems and at specific areas of discomfort in the body to help realign the natural flow of energy within. Crystals and organic essential oils are used to enhance the benefits derived from using them.


The 90 minute session offers the option to experience Thai Massage within the healing treatment but one may choose only an Intuitive Reading and Reiki session during 90 minute sessions. Receiving only Intuitive Guidance and Reiki may be perfect for cancer and hospice patients, as well as those who are seeking a gentle and non-invasive approach to achieving emotional support, spiritual guidance, and or physical relief from acute and chronic pain, migraines, energetic realignment during emotionally challenging times, and chronic stress. 60 minute sessions are available for a combined Reiki and Intuitive Reading treatment only or Thai Massage only.

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Space Clearing

Every space is different which is why I create and implement a clearing agenda specifically catered to your unique space and intention. I use a variety of different techniques including placing Reiki infused crystals and stones around and within the space, Reiki, prayer, smudging, and crystal singing bowls for sound healing. I may also suggest incorporating various methods of Feng Shui in order to maintain a higher energetic vibration until you’re ready for your next clearing.

There are many reasons to initiate a space clearing. The top 11 most common reason’s my clients have requested my presence has been to:

1) Create a flow of abundance energy

2) Speed up the process of selling a home or business 
3) Remove any negative energy from a home or business they’re purchasing
4) Remove divorce energy from a home

5) Assist the crossing over of spirits past
6) Remove the residue of arguments and conflict
7) Remove the build-up of stressful thoughts and emotions.
8) Promote relaxation, meditation and serenity
9) Raise the vibration of their space to ward off lower vibrations of energies from entering
10) Raise the vibration to attract in higher vibrational events and results
11) Set the stage for new thoughts, novel solutions, and enhanced creativity