Nathan has this amazing capacity to hold space. When you are working with him 100% of the focus is on your needs. He is incredibly intuituve and responsive to whatever it is you are experiencing. His space is welcoming and conducive to deep relaxation. I have had the opportunity to recieve reiki, massage, and readings; all of which have been fabulous. Nathan’s massage technique is effective at reducing my chronic pain and fatigue. His energy healing is gentle yet thorough and has really helped me center and release anxiety. And his readings- I could go on and on about them! Incredibly accurate, and he has a way of communicating the challenging aspects that make them easy to recieve. To sum it up, Nathan is AMAZING! As a healer myself, I can’t recommend him enough. Seriously, go see him!

Dawn Jimnez, Reiki Master/Life Coach:

“I am his biggest fan! Nathan is not just another massage. He is a light worker and a healer. He is highly intuitive and has amazing guidance. Nathan dedicates the beginning of his sessions to see what’s going on with me on a personal level so he can detect the source of the stress behind the body pain. He works with essential oils, sage, and amazing different natural fragrances that just leave me refreshed and relaxed. It really adds so much to the session. The massages are AMAZING and he just KNOWS where the pain is and how to release it. He burns candles and plays amazing relaxing music. Everything about this treatment is therapeutic and nourishing. In the end of the session (or sometimes in the beginning) I choose a deck of Oracle cards then Nathan sends me off with a wise message for the rest of the week. I’m so grateful; this experience is rare and so special”.

May Levy, Photographer/Artist:

‘‘Nathan was absolutely incredible. My muscles and mind get very tense from the gym and business throughout my week and getting a massage from Nathan was the perfect release I was looking for. His room is extremely tidy and the aroma is delicious. I can tell he pours his heart into his practice and his number one concern is the healing of his clients. In previous massages from different businesses, I did feel like another job, but with Nathan I felt like the focus. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a body massage and a spiritual experience’’.

Daniel Payne, State Farm Insurance Agent:

I have to say, after leaving the studio, I felt much more open minded about card reading. The cards that were read lined up with current obstacles that I’ve been avoiding. There was a lot of enlightenment and insight on how to proceed further. Nathan has a very calming energy and is extremely intuitive. During the Reiki session he had me hold a stone to my heart which I felt helped bring awareness to some blockages and the strength to begin to let go of the extra mental weight I’ve been carrying. Nathan has strength and passion with his craft and his calming voice made me feel extremely safe. Thanks dude !!!

Glen B., Visitor from Chicago